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The Surroundings

If you are in Beaumont-de-Lomagne, you cannot miss l'AUBERGE DE LA GIMONE. The restaurant, a square hall and impressive 38-post structure, is located 5 minutes from the city centre. In addition, AUBERGE DE LA GIMONE is close to several recommended tourist sites in Beaumont-de-Lomagne.

The restaurant is located 5 minutes from the Functional Rehabilitation Centre of
the heart.

Additionally, you can see :

  • The Bordevieille racecourse, which counts more than 15 horse-riding races each year with “French trotter” horses, whose breeding is a tradition in Lomagne since the XIXth century.
  • The birthplace of Pierre FERMAT, a mathematics genius whose theorem has held all mathematicians spellbound for 350 years. The house has become the main cultural centre in the city.
  • The garlic festival in July: the garlic of Lomagne with its pearly white colour comes from a union between a terroir and a legendary plant with unsuspected virtues.

Enjoy your lunch at AUBERGE DE LA GIMONE while visiting the interesting sites

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